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  1. I have used Debbie Bliss’s matinee jacket before for Cashmerino and bought the book which I cannot find having rebought the wool for it! So I spotted the garter stitch jacket and thought if I could download that it would do instead.

  2. I have been knitting-up this pattern ( Garter Stitch Matinee Jacket ) and have checked my tension and measurements as I proceeded ensuring that they were accurate, however, I have now run out of wool and am extremely annoyed. I followed the pattern for the requisite size and purchased the three 50gm balls recommended to complete the pattern for the first size. As I know I haven’t done anything wrong, the pattern directions must be lacking. Has anyone completed the first size following the instructions and using the three balls?
    I am about 12 rows short on one side. Now I will have to try and source a matching ball of wool to finish.

  3. Unable to download the patter 🙁 No link working x

  4. I can’t download the pattern. If I use an alternative wool, should it be double knit?

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